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Paint Protective Film Services

Get a Shiny, Protected Car with Paint Protection Film in Dubai

A paint protection film is the best example of an aftermarket product that works exactly as it is named. PPF is a polyurethane-based substance.

Excellent Protector

Protect the paint surface by preventing accidental damages or scratching while driving.

Areas of Application

Front and rear bumpers of automobiles, wheel brows, door or head cover.

It is a good idea to install car paint protection film on new cars, and you can get premium services from us. It’s never too late to apply for car film protection, or elastomeric polymer film. We give you the best market rate, which tends to be the best car paint protection film Dubai cost. Our primary goal is to protect your car from UV exposure, paint damage, and chemicals by wrapping the car with PPF.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Our PPF Guards New Car Paint

We Offer Completely Secure Protection Film

It’s a good idea to apply Ceramic Pro Instant Healing paint protection film in Dubai on high-exposure parts of your car. It includes the headlights, fender, front bumper, hood, grille, side-view mirrors,and  door edges. Our PPF services in Dubai will prevent headlights from fogging or fading, ensuring your on-road visibility. So hurry up and get PPF on your cars from our top-rated company in Dubai.

Car Paint Protection Film

Apply PPF to Headlights

It Acts As a Barrier Against Bug Splatter And Bird Droppings

It’s a good idea to apply Ceramic Pro Instant Healing paint protection film Dubai to high-exposure areas like the front end, fender, front bumper, hood, grille, side-view mirrors, door edges, and also headlights. This one-of-a-kind feature prevents headlights from fogging or fading, ensuring your on-road visibility. So do hurry and get PPF on your cars from our top-rated company in Dubai.

Best Car Paint Protectin Film

Protective Paint Film

Protect Your Leased Vehicle With Our PPF

Once removed, the same film can not be reinstalled on another or the same vehicle. This is an excellent example of why car paint protection film is best suited for people who are leasing a vehicle or who intend to keep the vehicle for an extended period.

Car Paint Protection Film

Is Paint Protection Film Necessary for Cars?

Yes! Paint protection film is important for your cars for a better finish. They are made to make your car shiny and attractive. Our Ceramic Pro PPF is available in a gloss or matte finish. In fact, you can instantly create an amazing and customized exterior look by applying a matte finish. 

Some car paint protection film Dubai commonly leaves glue marks after installation. You will not see any glue marks at all if you come to our experts. The adhesives used by our company do not leave these marks or produce a peeling finish. Being one of the top-rated car detailers in Dubai, we provide the best PPF services to our clients.

Our instant healing protective films are infused with four layers of material, each of which acts as a barrier to harmful chemicals. It also resists stains and reduces paint damage caused by stone chips. This same nanotechnology helps in creating a heat shield, which prevents UV and IR radiation from penetrating on your car’s surface.

Paint Protective Film Services


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Paint Protective Film Services


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of putting a protective film on a car lies between 3000 AED and 9000 AED, depending on how numerous panels you would like to be protected and on the condition of your vehicle. Besides, if you want to protect your entire car, the cost lies between 7000 AED and 26000 AED.

Undoubtedly, the paint protection film is worth it if you want your car to keep its shine for a long time. Plus, it also helps you to keep the value of your vehicle as high as possible.

Significantly, the cost of the 3M paint protection film depends on the different packages. The Silver Package costs 750$, theGold Package price is about 1400$, the Radium Package price is about 1500$, etc.

Well, paint protection film lasts around 5 to 7 years, depending on your driving conditions and the maintenance of your car as well.