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Bring Life To Your Cars With Our Car Detailing Services

The art and craft of cleaning and restoring a vehicle is known as Automobile detailing. We offer much more precise and budget-friendly car detailing Dubai services than a car wash.

Paint Claying:

A clay bar is used to remove any toxins, splatters, or residue that has remained on the car after it has been washed.


Polishing removes small layers of clear coat from the car’s paint by buffing an abrasive compound onto it. This removes minor paint scratches and swirls.

A car wash is typically an automated system through which a vehicle passes to clean its exterior. We always do professional auto detailing, including exterior and interior car Wash in Dubai.

How We Add Detailing To Your Car in Dubai?

Paint Correction

Car Detailing also offer paint correction, which is a procedure that removes flaws on the top layer of a car’s paintwork, such as dull paint or oxidation. To provide the best paint correction, we use a rotary machine polisher. This machine smoothly adds a layer to cover all your car’s damages. Our team also installs a protective layer on the top so that your car’s paint lasts longer than the estimated time. We are focused on providing high-quality Car Detailing within an affordable price range.

Paint Correction

Paint Protection Film

PPF is an abbreviation for paint protection film. We also provide high-tech paint protection film, a thin polyurethane film that protects the car’s paint from rock chips, minor scratches, UV light, mineral deposits, acid rain, and other factors. The resistance factor of this protection film against water and scratch marks adds durability to the paint’s nature. Our top-notch PPF services not only luxuriously style your car but also are remarkable to make the paint last longer.

Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Coating

Cartintingdubai.ae have got a liquid polymer that we apply to the exterior of a vehicle to add a protective layer to the paint as a ceramic coating. We are commonly used as a high-end wax substitute. Still, we’ve got experienced detailers that use the proper techniques and high-quality products to revive your cars. If you are wondering about experienced Best Car Detailing Dubai near me you are at the right spot.

Ceramic Coating

Our Car Detailing in Dubai Restores the Value of Your Vehicle

Our cleaning technicians clean, repair, and protect your vehicle that goes beyond what a car wash can do. Our experts not only perform car deep cleaning in Dubai but also light cosmetic paint restoration and high-tech protective coatings. While washing your car once a week is essential, car washers is a once-in-a-while event that will revitalize and maintain the appearance of your ride. Your car is precious for you, and we offer the best car detailing services in Dubai.

After your car has been cleaned and the paint has been corrected, our professionals will apply a protective layer. Something typically accomplishes this with products from three coating categories: wax, sealant, and ceramics. We offer all these types of coating for a stunning and shiny look. Get car detailing services from our experts to get the long lasting shine on your car body.

Car Detailing Services in UAE


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Car Detailing Services in UAE


Frequently Asked Questions

There are two parts to car detailing costs in Dubai. One example is interior detailing, which starts at AED 500 in Dubai. On the other hand, the second is a car exterior detailing service, which may cost around AED 650.

No doubt, detailing your vehicle is worth it, as it saves your car from minor dents and scratches. Furthermore, from classic cars to modern vehicles, regular detailing will have practical benefits for your cars.

No, car-detailing can’t remove scratches, at least not permanently, as the procedure does not work on fixing the scratches completely. However, it only repairs and hides the milder ones.

However, the detailing of cars varies by how much wear and tear you put on your car and how frequently you wash and wax it. Nevertheless, most professionals suggest having it done once every 4 to 6 months or 2 to 3 times a year.