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We Provide High-Quality Car Tinting Services in Dubai

Our window car tinting Dubai provides exceptional heat rejection, increased privacy, and reduced glare. Car glass tinting has a high level of fade resistance, which helps to keep your car interior looking new for many years.

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6 Types of Best Window Tint

01. Dyed Window Tint

It is an affordable and adjustable car window tinting option, and it is good for your vehicle.

02. Ceramic Window Tinting

Ceramic window tint is the holy grail of tinting options, providing all of the advantages. Apart from this we offer ceramic coating for your car’s paint too.

03. Metalized Window Tint

The best technology for protecting UV rays and increased heat protection for car tinting Dubai windows.


04. Carbon Window Tint

Non-entry-level tinting is carbon window tint. This tint is infused with carbon particles rather than metal particles.

05. Crystalline Tinting

It prefers the privacy and security that darker window tinting options provide.

06. Hybrid Window Tint

Combination of dyed & metalized window tint. It is made up of a grey film.

Best Services of Car Tinting in Dubai


Maintain Privacy and UV Protection With Car Tint

Being the renowned 3m tinting brand that provides the best car tint in Dubai to our customers with the ultimate goal of providing privacy and protecting car paint & glass from UV Rays with our car high-tech car paint protection film and 3M Window Tinting Dubai.

Gives Privacy

Window tinting makes it more difficult to see your passengers and belongings inside your vehicle. You can enable the complete privacy in your car by getting our top-rated car tinting services in Mussafah.

Protect from UV Rays

Adding tint film to your car’s windows can offer your car much-needed protection from sun and heat damage. Reducing heat and UV radiation entering your vehicle adds life to the interior and prevents the fabric from weakening and the plastic from cracking.

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3M Window Tinting Dubai Gives You Many Advantages

We are all aware that car glass tinting is an excellent addition to our vehicles, and car tinting in Dubai provides numerous advantages that could benefit us in various ways.

  • The safety of your family is one of the most important benefits that window tinting can provide.
  • By getting car tinting services, you can add privacy to your car windows. It will make your driving and travelling experience more comfortable.
  • Every household should prioritize safety in any way, as tinted windows cut down on UV exposure and block about 80% of solar heat compared to non-tinted windows.

If you do not yet have window tints on your car windows, you should get them now. Regardless of the window tinting method, always gives you a good idea to protect your vehicle with a comprehensive insurance package.

Best Services of Car Tinting in Dubai
Why Choose Our Car Tinting Service in Dubai?

At our auto shop, you will get flawless car tinting for every window. Our team of experts applies the window tints in the maximum possible time. You will get many tint film sections to suit your needs. Call us anytime to get free suggestions for your car screens.

High-Quality Window Films

High-Quality Window Films

We source the best tint films from reliable sources to provide top-quality car tinting services in Dubai.

Experienced Technicians

Experienced Technicians

At our company, we have experienced team members for bubble-free car window tinting installation.

Neat Application

Neat Application

Our experts follow the most recommended working procedure to ensure the neat application of car window tints.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

You will get the most reasonable price of premium tinting in our store. Call us now for a free quote for the desired tint in Dubai & UAE.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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The car tinting cost in Dubai depends on the type of vehicle, tinting material, and brand of tinting film as well. A small sedan or medium SUV, which might add up to AED 1000 to AED 1500, according to rough estimation.

4-door Car tints are not too costly, even for higher-end brands. Our rough estimation states that the average expense ranges from AED 350 to AED 1400 to tint your entire car.

Affordable and standard window tint films will last almost five years. Moreover, the high-quality tints rely on polyester, metal, or ceramic materials that will surely cost more but last an incredibly long time.

Usually, the window tint is between 15% and 20% when vehicles come from a factory. However, the darkest tint you can get is 50%, and you can’t see through 50% tinted car windows at all. Hence, a 50% tint is illegal in most states.